Welcome to Tal Badehi -  Chinese Medicine

I offer traditional Chinese medicine treatments: Acupuncture, Shiatsu and herbal formulas.

My treatments are suitable for men and women who are looking to heal from chronic health conditions, or who are looking for relief from troubling symptoms.

Chinese medicine offers unique treatments capable of transforming your health. These treatments will boost your energy and your body's ability to regain its balance in a natural way.

Chinese medicine offers valuable insight into health and illness. I am looking to share this knowledge and inspire my clients to lead healthy lifestyles. A better understanding of one's body and mind is key to understanding life, illness and recovery.


I currently see patients in a clinic in the City and home-visits in north-west London.

Now is the time to get on the way towards a healthier you!

Leave a message below or contact me directly, to book your first session or for any query.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Tal Badehi



18 Devonshire Row, EC2M 4RH