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Chinese medicine includes multiple treatment modalities, all designed to retrieve balance to the patient's physical and energetic system.

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine and sterile needles to specific locations in the patient's skin, to affect the flow of energy in the internal organs.

Shiatsu affects the flow of energy in the organs and joints through finger-pressure and gentle stretches.

Chinese herbal formulas are made of well-researched herbs that are in medical use for thousands of years. The concoctions are designed to nourish, regenerate and clean the body.

Chinese medicine is personalised, taking into consideration the unique condition of each patient.

Each client undergoes a thorough diagnosis to design a bespoke treatment. No two patients receive the same treatment. A combination of Acupuncture, Shiatsu and herbal formula are recommended, but each treatment is effective as a stand-alone.

Chinese medicine is a natural therapy, enhancing the natural ability of your body to heal itself.

It is highly effective in the resolution of stress-related conditions, but also physical injury, and unbalanced diet and lifestyle. Chinese medicine recognises that emotions are often a cause for illness, together with exposure to climates, nutrition and physical activity. Such elements affect the energetic balance in the body and cause a disturbance in your body's homeostasis, followed by the development of an illness.

Each of you is unique, with a different history and lifestyle. Each of you requires a personalised diagnosis and treatment.